To check your quota for the budget storage, you can simply type:  bquota

However, if the directory is under an alternate group or project name, you will need to specify the name of the unix group.

bquota -g <group_name>

bquota --help

 List group quotas for all the Budget Data dirs you have access to:
  bquota [-qbk] [-g]
 List group quotas for specific groups of which you account is a member:
  bquota [-qbk] -g group1 [-g group2 ]...
 List quota for a given directory path:
  bquota [-qbk] -d /budgetdata/academic/_pi_dir_ [ -d /budgetdata/other/path  ]...
  bquota [-qbk] /budgetdata/academic/_pi_dir_ [ /budgetdata/other/path ]...

  -q|--quiet == quiet mode - only report if over quota
  -b|--bytes|--bytes-output == report quota in bytes
  -k|--kilobytes|--kilobytes-output == report quota in kilobytes