Using the CCR cluster

Name/Location Description
Overview of CCR resources and services
Intro-overview-2017 (see attachment below) The Overview of CCR is a brief presentation that describes CCR's mission, the hardware resources and services provided by CCR, user costs, funding, and support.
Introduction to Running Jobs on the CCR Cluster Intro-jobs-2017 (see attachment below)
The Introduction to Running Jobs presentation is a detailed, step by step tutorial on using the CCR Cluster. 
Introduction to job performance analysis, compilation, and software installation
coming soon!


Topic Name/Location
Intermediate MPI UBBox(handout,pdf),UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)
MPI introduction, basics
Advanced MPI UBBox(handout,pdf),UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)
MPI advanced topics
MPI Quick Reference     UBBox(handout,pdf),UBBox(handout,2x2,pdf)
Compiling/running MPI at CCR
OpenMP I UBbox(handout,pdf), UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)
OpenMP introduction, basics
OpenMP II UBbox(handout,pdf), UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)
OpenMP advanced topics
Slurm MPI Survival Guide UBbox(handout,pdf),UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)
Debugging UBbox(handout,pdf),UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)
Basic debugging tips
Profiling UBbox(handout,pdf),UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)
Basic profiling tips

CADENCE See CADENCE-Intro-CCR pdf attached below Running CADENCE Simulations