Ongoing Workshops

Basic Introduction to the CCR Cluster

  • One hour hands-on workshop for new CCR users.  The topics include cluster resources, file transfer, file editing, login, submitting a job using a SLURM script and running interactive desktops.
  • Prerequisites:  An active CCR account.  A laptop if you want to follow along.
  • Workshops will be held in Bell 250.
  • Dates:
    • May 3, 2019  12-1pm
    • May 24, 2019  12-1pm
    • June 7, 2019  12-1pm
    • June 21, 2019  12-1pm
    • more to follow
  • Sign up by sending an email to

Presentations from seminars and workshops

Using the CCR cluster

Overview of CCR resources and services (work in progress)The Overview of CCR is a brief presentation that describes CCR's mission, the hardware resources and services provided by CCR, user costs, funding, and support.
Introduction to Running Jobs on the CCR ClusterThe Introduction to Running Jobs presentation is a detailed, step by step tutorial on using the CCR Cluster. 
Introduction to job performance analysis, compilation, and software installation (work in progress)


Intermediate MPIUBBox(handout,pdf),UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)MPI introduction, basics
Advanced MPIUBBox(handout,pdf),UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)MPI advanced topics
MPI Quick Reference    UBBox(handout,pdf),UBBox(handout,2x2,pdf)Compiling/running MPI at CCR
OpenMP IUBbox(handout,pdf), UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)OpenMP introduction, basics
OpenMP IIUBbox(handout,pdf), UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)OpenMP advanced topics
Slurm Survival GuideUBbox(handout,pdf),UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)SLURM 
DebuggingUBbox(handout,pdf),UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)Basic debugging tips
ProfilingUBbox(handout,pdf),UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)Basic profiling tips
Introduction to HPCUBbox(handout,pdf),UBbox(handout,2x2,pdf)Historical overview of HPC

CADENCESee CADENCE-Intro-CCR pdf attached belowRunning CADENCE Simulations