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Software & Advanced Topics

Please note: some of these may include outdated cluster or usage information that is specific to CCR's systems.  Please refer to our most updated documentation for current cluster info and Slurm directives.

Intermediate MPIUBBox(handout,pdf)MPI introduction, basics
Advanced MPIUBBox(handout,pdf)MPI advanced topics
MPI Quick Reference    UBBox(handout,pdf)Compiling/running MPI at CCR
OpenMP IUBbox(handout,pdf)OpenMP introduction, basics
OpenMP IIUBbox(handout,pdf)OpenMP advanced topics
Slurm Survival GuideUBbox(handout,pdf)SLURM 
DebuggingUBbox(handout,pdf)Basic debugging tips
ProfilingUBbox(handout,pdf)Basic profiling tips
Introduction to HPCUBbox(handout,pdf)Historical overview of HPC
Job Submission Strategies
UBbox (handout pdf)Slurm, Scavenging nodes