General Procedures

Release candidates will initially be made available for testing/review on development server: gdwdev.

Jason Wang will do the initial testing/review.

  • If a problem is found, Mohammad Zia will correct it.
  • If no problems are found, users will be asked to participate in beta testing.  Users will be notified by manually send emails.
  • If nobody uses it, new candidate to be rolled out onto the production server in one week.
  • If users do test and approve, new candidate will be rolled out earlier than one week.
  • If users test and encounter a problem, the release candidate is bounced back to Mohammad for correction and the process begins again.
  • User feedback/problems will be sent through Freshdesk (see solution “Reporting Issues, Feedback, & Response Procedures (GDW)”.)

When the release candidate is ready to migrate from the development server (gdwdev) to production (gdw), users will be notified prior to deployment and a notice will be placed in the new section of the GDW.

Version is now considered done. Version numbering will consist of 3 numbers (Version_Major).(Version_Minor).(Dataset) ex. 2.0.5

When new versions of annotation variants is available, an email will be sent to the users outlining what’s new in the annotations.  This will typically happen in the June and December timeframe.

  • If no changes are made, no notifications will be sent to users
  • Annotation feedback/promblems will sent through Freshdesk (see solution “Reporting Issues, Feedback, & Response Procedures (GDW)”.)