General Procedures

Users will report issues, questions and feedback for the GDW through the Freshdesk email address provided on the website.

The email address to contact GDW administrators will be located under the “Help” section, under “FAQ”.  The “FAQ” section contains questions and response for questions which are repeatedly sent the GDW administrators.

Freshdesk will notify GDW administrators of pending inquiries.

Inquiries will be categorized based on reason for contacting the GDW administrators

  • Data problems will be the most urgent.  These will take precedence over other tasks.
  • User requests/improvements/usability feedback will be evaluated among the GDW administrators and, if approved, will be added into a future software candidate release.

Responses to inquires will be made by approved responders.

  • Jason Wang & Mohammad Zia will respond to data problems
  • Adrian Levesque will respond to business related inquiries
  • All GDW administrators will discuss feature requests.

For data related problems, GDW administrators will contact the user for further details, if needed.  When corrections have been made, the user will be contacted again to notify them of the corrections.

For feedback or general questions, GDW administrators will respond individually and acknowledge that feedback has been received and that it will be evaluated.  No promises will be made.

When new features are announced related to relevant user feedback, GDW administrators will contact user to inform them of the new feature.

Turnaround time for contacting responses will be made within 24-48 hours on business days.