Cloud users can view their current usage using the Coldfront subscription management portal.  Login using your CCR username and password, click on your project, and click on the file icon next to either your Lake Effect cloud subscription or the Lake Effect storage subscription (if you purchased additional cloud storage):

Users will be able to view their compute and storage quotas and usage similar to this screenshot:

This example shows a project that purchased 4 cloud subscriptions, each that comes with 50GB of storage.  If you have purchased additional storage, there will be a separate subscription in your Coldfront project and will look like this:

NOTE: Cloud subscriptions last until August 1, 2019 (when the warranty of the cloud hardware expires).  Any subscriptions unused at that point are deleted.  Storage subscriptions are paid on a yearly basis and will expired 1 year from the original date you purchased.  At that point, if a new subscription for storage is not purchased, your volumes are removed.  Please see our cloud policies page for more details

Usage Notifications:

Notifications are sent to users on the project when the core usage exceeds 90% so that you begin the process of purchasing additional compute time.  Users will get one email per day until the account has gone over quota.  Please see our rules about what happens when an account is unpaid for more than 30 days.

Users can disable notifications themselves; however, this will turn off all notifications for all system events.  Please see this article for more details before turning this feature off.  PIs and managers are unable to turn off project notifications for themselves.  If you must have them disabled, please contact CCR help.

More documentation on the Coldfront subscription management portal