Before proceeding, users must have:

1. Generated a private/public key pair.  On Windows, there are several ways to do this.  We have documented one way using PuTTY.  Instructions can be found here

2. Uploaded the PUBLIC key to the CCR identity management portal.  Instructions can be found here

Once these steps are complete, launch Filezilla and choose Site Manager from the File menu:

Hostname:  NOTE: we recommend using the transfer server for faster networking; however, you can enter any CCR login server name here

Port: 22

Protocol: SFTP (select from drop down menu)

Logon Type: Key file (select from drop down menu)

User:  your_username

Key file:  Click browse and navigate to the location of your PRIVATE keyfile

Click Connect.

The Site Manager window will close and you'll see the the transfer window.  Your local files are on the left and your CCR home directory is on the right.: