Coldfront Login

Faculty are required to update their project information yearly, in order to main active accounts at CCR.  This is a short but extremely important process.  We ask that you:

  • Update your project description and field of science, if necessary.
  • Add new publications you may have
  • Add or update grant information
  • Verify the active users on your project and remove any that no longer work with you

You can do all of this from your Project Detail page (click on the name of your project from the home page)

Once this is complete, you can click on the "Needs Review" link on the home page or on the Review Project link from the Project Detail page:

If you click on the project name, you're taken to the Project Detail page.  Here you you will see a notification about the project review as well:

The Review Project page provides faculty with a summary of the project info including the last time publications and grants were updated and a list of current active users on the project.  If this information is correct, click the check box verifying the information and click the Submit button.

Please note that if you have NOT updated your publications or grant information in the last year, a text box will appear on the Review Project page requiring you to enter a statement explaining this.  We understand faculty may not have this data to provide and this will not prevent your account from being renewed.  However, we do require an explanation:

Once the project review is complete, it is submitted for review by the CCR director.  You will see the 'project review pending' label in the Project Detail page.  If all is in order, he will approve the renewal and you will once again be able to renew and request new subscriptions.  The 'project review pending' label will then disappear.


Faculty will receive email reminders that their UB-HPC subscription is expiring at 60 and 30 days before expiration and then weekly until the date of expiration.  Faculty can click on the link in the email to go directly to the renewal page in Coldfront, or they can click on the Renew Subscription button on the project detail page.  

Though faculty are not required to review their project with every subscription that requires renewal, they will not be allowed to renew a subscription unless the project has been review at least once in the previous 365 days.

Users will not be allowed to renew expiring subscriptions if their project review has not been completed in the last year.  You will receive this error:

If a PI does not renew cluster subscriptions by the due date, all users in the group will be blocked from running jobs on the cluster that subscription is linked to.  Renewals can be done beginning 30 days before the subscription expires so as to provide you with plenty of time to complete the process.  If you have an extenuating circumstance making it impossible to renew on time, please contact CCR help via the help portal to request an extension.

Once a subscription has been expired for 60 days, users in that group will no longer be able to login to the cluster.  Accounts will be deactivated and data will be archived.  Please renew on time so as to avoid this inconvenience.