Project owners can add publication information in two different locations within Coldfront.  Instructions for adding them in on your project can be found here

If you'd like to add publications in while completing the yearly renewal process, the process is documented below.

The 4th step of the renewal wizard is to verify your publications and displays a list of all publications that you've previously added to your project.

In this step you can:

  1. Edit previously entered publicatoin information by clicking on the pencil to the right of the entry you want to update.  A new window will open with all of the publication data previously provided.  Make the changes you'd like and click the "Save Publication" button
  2. Remove a publication(s) from the project by clicking the checkbox next to the entry you want removed and then click the "Remove Selected Publications" button.  You will be prompted to confirm this decision.
  3. Add new publication information by clicking one of the import option buttons.  A new window will open for you to fill out the publication information, depending on which option you chose.  

Import via BibTex:

To import using the standard BibTex format, click the "Import Publication Via Bibtex" button.  This gives you the option to either upload a BibTex formatted file of all the publications you want to include or you can copy/paste your information into the text window and then click the "Submit BibTex Data" button to procede:

You are then presented with the list of publications you've either uploaded or added via the copy/paste method.  Select the ones you want to add and click the "Submit BibTex Data" button.  If any publications were not formatted correctly, they will be listed in the "Invalid Publications" section at the top.  You will need to reformat them before you'll be able to add them to your project.

Import via Crossref:

You can enter your publications by searching for them on CrossRef.  Choose your search pattern (last name, title, DOI, etc) and click the Search button.  Then click on the checkbox next to each publication you'd like to add to your project.  Click the "Add Selected Publications" button when you're done:

Manually Import Publication Data:

You can also enter your publication information in manually, if you'd rather.  When you click on the "Enter Publication Information Manually" button, a new window opens prompting you for the publication information.  Four fields are required: project name (this is a drop-down list of all your projects), Pub id, Title, and Author.  All other fields are optional.  Scroll down to see all the fields possible.  When done entering your information, click the "Save Publication" button: