Login to CCR OnDemand

Please view this recording to learn more about the features and uses of OnDemand.

CCR OnDemand is an easy to use web-based portal that provides users access to CCR's HPC resources without the need to install additional client software or web-plugins.  Users can transfer files, access a shell environment on the cluster front-end login server, launch interactive and remote visualization sessions, and monitor jobs.

This product is an open source project developed by Ohio Supercomputer Center.  Please provide feedback via our help portal if you have questions, suggestions or encounter any problems.  

NOTE: New CCR users (those who have never logged into OnDemand or the cluster via a shell) must first login to one of the front end servers in order to create your home directory.  Instructions will be displayed for you to follow and then you'll need to relogin to OnDemand.  Details and screenshots of this process can be found here

Using your UB username, login to the CCR OnDemand portal:

Do you have two-factor authentication enabled?

If so, you will need to enter your one-time token (OTP) generated from your mobile app. Enter your password and token on one line with no spaces or extra characters.

More details on two-factor authentication

Once logged in you are presented with the CCR OnDemand dashboard:

Files App

Users can transfer files to/from their computer to CCR's servers.  Documentation for the Files App


Active Jobs: View your pending, running, and recently completed jobs with the Jobs App.  Documentation for the Active Jobs app

Job Composer:

Detailed documentation on the jobs and templates apps is coming soon!  Thank you for your patience.

Clusters App

Provides command line (CLI) access to cluster front-end login servers. Documentation for the Clusters App
 and more info about user environment, software installation, and modules

Interactive Apps

Interactive Desktop Apps

Remote Visualization Apps

Matlab App

Jupyter Notebook - Academic Cluster

Jupyter Notebook - Faculty Cluster