Login to CCR OnDemand

CCR OnDemand is an easy to use web-based portal that provides users access to CCR's HPC resources without the need to install additional client software or web-plugins.  Users can transfer files, access a shell environment on the cluster front-end login server, launch interactive and remote visualization sessions, and monitor jobs.

This product is an open source project developed by Ohio Supercomputer Center and is currently in a beta test mode at CCR.  Please provide feedback via our help portal if you have questions, suggestions or encounter any problems.  We appreciate your patience during this test period.

NOTE: New CCR users (those who have never logged into OnDemand or the cluster via a shell) must first login to one of the front end servers in order to create your home directory.  Instructions will be displayed for you to follow and then you'll need to relogin to OnDemand.  Details and screenshots of this process can be found here

Using your UB username, login to the CCR OnDemand portal:

Do you have two-factor authentication enabled?

If so, you will need to enter your one-time token (OTP) generated from your mobile app. Enter your password and token on one line with no spaces or extra characters.

More details on two-factor authentication

You will now be asked to give your consent to the CCR OnDemand application to access resources on the server.  Click the green Approve button:

Once logged in you are presented with the CCR OnDemand dashboard:

Files - Home Directory

Users can easily transfer files to or from their local computers using this File Explorer app.  You can also edit files directly using the "Edit" button.  This application is provided as is and support is not provided by CCR unless there is an error.  Documentation on the app is not provided other than to mention a few caveats:

- Do NOT transfer large files or large amounts of file using this method.  Using sftp to one of our front end servers.  Details on the transfer server are here

- File transfer is limited to the amount of memory on the OnDemand server and the number of users currently using it.  If you get errors, please report them to CCR help.


Active Jobs:

Your Jobs - Users can view all jobs running through OnDemand and view details of their own jobs:

Click on the job to see more details about it:

All Jobs: You will see all jobs currently running and queued in the ub-hpc cluster.  You can sort by Status (running or queued), by Queue (general-compute, viz, debug, largemem), as well as by user, account, job ID and job name.

Job Composer:

Detailed documentation on the jobs and templates apps is coming soon!  Thank you for your patience.


Academic Shell Access:  This app provides users with a command-line tool to access the UB-HPC (academic) cluster front-end servers.  No need to install a SSH client like PuTTy!

This is a terminal window and where you will type all of your commands.  If you are unfamiliar with UNIX commands, we recommend you view the following articles:

Basic UNIX

UNIX File Transfer

For information about where files are stored, how to check your quotas, and how to purchase additional storage, please see:

Storage and Quotas

All software available for use on CCR servers is listed here:

Current Software Information

How do I install software?

Still unsure what to do next?  Schedule an appointment with one of our computational scientists for a training session by submitting a  help request.

Interactive Apps (remote visualization)

Interactive Apps - details on these can be found in a separate knowledgbase article