To our users of the NICE Remote Visualization portal:

When testing the upgrade of the operating system on our cluster to CentOS 7.4, we discovered that many of the libraries required for the visualization software and the packages that run in the portal are not compatible.  We had already been working on a new product for all CCR users called Open OnDemand.  This product provides not only access to visualization sessions but also easy file transfer, shell access to the cluster front end, job monitoring and much more - all right inside your browser!  We are confident our users will find this portal extremely easy to use and convenient.  Windows users especially will love not having to install three separate software clients to access all these services.  We had planned to roll this new portal out in January once it was thoroughly tested by our staff.  Unfortunately, with the incompatibility of the operating system upgrade to the remote visualization software, we have had to move up the release of Open OnDemand to this month.  We are working as hard as possible to test and document this new portal but don't want to delay in making this accessible to our remote visualization users.  

Please take a look at the documentation found here to get started:

Remote Visualization using CCR OnDemand

Using CCR OnDemand

Please note these are works in progress and we're actively updating them as changes are made to the portal.  Please provide feedback to us via help tickets if you have suggestions, questions, or run into any problems.  Thank you VERY much for your patience during this transition process.  We deeply apologize for any inconvenience you may experience.