Occasionally, when users try to start an interactive session in OnDemand, the desktop displays as a blank blue or grey window with no applications menu or way to open a terminal window.  This is more prevalent with users who've previously used the old NICE remote visualization portal.  Files get cached when sessions are opened and then either get corrupted or can't be used by the new visualization software.

NOTE: you can ignore the XFCE PolicyKit Agent error and close this window

To fix this problem:

1. Delete or close your current interactive session running in OnDemand.

2.  Using the shell access application in OnDemand (go to the Clusters menu and choose Academic Shell Access), login to vortex.  This will place you in your home directory (/user/username).  More details on using the shell access app can be found in this article

3.  Delete the following directories:

rm -rf ~/.vnc

rm -rf ~/.cache

rm -rf ~/.config/xfce4

4.  Start a new interactive session in OnDemand. You may get a warning dialog box saying you have no settings but you can just choose to accept the defaults.

If you continue to have problems, please contact CCR help.