A snapshot is an image which preserves the disk state of a running instance or that of a volume.  Snapshots are great for:

- backups of your instances and volumes  (*REMEMBER* CCR does NOT back up any data in the Lake Effect cloud!)

- replicating an installation from one instance to new instances

To create a snapshot of an instance, go to the list of instances in the Horizon dashboard and click Create Snapshot:

Once created, you can find the image listed under Images in the Horizon dashboard:

You have the option to launch this image as a new instance, or by clicking on the arrow next to Launch, create a volume from the image, edit details about the image, update the image metadata, or delete it:

Creating a volume from an image:

A volume is a block device that can be attached to another instance.  More details about this can be found in the OpenStack documentation

Editing image details:

Managing Snapshots

Once a snapshot is created, you can manage them under the Volumes menu in the Horizon dashboard under Volume Snapshots:

Any snapshots made into volumes can be found under Volumes:

Keep in mind that any volumes and snapshots stored take up space in your project.  Delete any you no longer need to conserve space.  You can also purchase more storage in the cloud, if desired.