Instances are virtual machines that run inside the Openstack cloud.  Most of what users do in the cloud involves instances.  We have broken up the topics involving working with instances into many articles to make them easier to read and understand.  Please click on the links below to see the articles on each topic or, if you're looking for something specific, consider using the search feature in the help desk to find the most relevant article(s).

NOTE: Before you can launch and login to instances, you must have setup a key pair.  Instructions for creating a key pair and managing openstack credentials can be found here

  1. Launching Instances
  2. Logging into an instance
  3. Securing an instance with security groups
  4. Attaching Volumes to an instance
  5. Attaching additional networks to an instance
  6. Snapshot (backup) an instance
  7. Shutdown or Shelve an instance 
  8. Cloning an instance