A public IP address is assigned to every instance that is started in Openstack.  This IP address assigned to your instance stays with your instance forever until the instance is deleted from the cloud.  None of these actions will release the IP address from the instance: soft/hard reboot, halt, shutdown, suspend, shelve, pause, lock/unlock.  The only thing that will remove the IP address from the instance and from your project usage is if you delete the instance.

This differs from our previous CCR cloud environment where Eucalyptus required the assigning of elastic IPs if you wanted to ensure your instance kept the same IP address.  This no longer necessary.

Project (group) quotas:  Each project is assigned a quota for managing storage and compute usage as well as IP addresses.  At this time, each project is allocated with 10 IP addresses.  If you require more than 10, consider using a self-service (private) network.  If this does not work for your project please email ccr-help.  Additional costs may be associated with IP allocations over 10.  

REMEMBER:  The IP address assigned from the public Lake Effect network (199.109.195.x) has access to the outside world.  Which means the outside world has access to your instance.  Make sure you secure your instances with security groups

Adding Additional Interfaces to an Instance

It is possible to allocate more than one IP address with an instance.  Please see attaching additional network interfaces to instance for more details

Self-service networks

See this documentation for information:  https://docs.openstack.org/newton/install-guide-debconf/launch-instance-networks-selfservice.html

YouTube video on creating a private network: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cIdCjNSZNrg