CCR staff provide a suite of software that is standard for high performance computing environments.  This include compilers, Cuda, Anaconda Python, and some engineering packages such as Gromacs, NAMD, Matlab, Abaqus, Comsol, LSDYNA, and Ansys.

Software that does not require root level (administrative) access should be installed in a user's home directory or a group's project directory.  Please see this article for more information on installing your own software.

If your software does require root privileges to be installed or you feel it would benefit other CCR users, you can submit a help ticket requesting the software be installed.  

Minimum requirements for software installation on the clusters:

1. Must run on the version of Linux the cluster is running - currently CentOS 7.x

2. Must be free to use in an academic environment (for the UB-HPC cluster) or the user/group must purchase a license for the software.  The software installation will then be restricted for use only by that group.  (When at all possible, groups should install software in their own project directories)

3. If a license is required, the cluster can only support a floating license, not a node-locked license.  

If your software meets these requirements, please submit a help ticket requesting the install and provide any installation files or download links you have for the software.  Once evaluated by CCR staff you will receive a decision about whether or not we can support the installation and an estimate for completing the installation.  Some installations are straight-forward and can be done within a matter of days; others can be quite time-consuming.  If you require software to meet a deadline, please ensure your request is submitted with plenty of lead time.