Users MUST specify a QOS value in their SLURM scripts.  You may see this error when you submit a job without a QOS and the scheduler will reject the job:

sbatch: Valid QOS required in batch script.  Usually this is the same as the partition name specified.  See CCR documentation for more info.

In your batch script, specify the partition you want your job to run on and the qos associated with it.  Examples include:

#SBATCH --partition=general-compute --qos=general-compute


#SBATCH --partition=largemem --qos=largemem


#SBATCH --partition=scavenger --qos=scavenger

For those with access to the priority boost QOS values, you can use that when submitting jobs to the ub-hpc cluster:

#SBATCH --partition=general-compute --qos=supporters

#SBATCH --partition=cascade --qos=nih

#SBATCH --partition=largemem --qos=mri

NOTE: Not all QOS values can be used on all partitions.  Please see this article for more details

To see what QOS settings you have access to, use the command:


For more details on specifying QOS and what options are available, please see these articles:

Submitting a SLURM script

Understanding SLURM Quality of Service (QOS) - includes a list of all the QOS options (though users may not have access to all of of them)