UB faculty, staff, and students can create a CCR account using the CCR identity management portal.  CCR uses Globus as a trusted identity provider to verify a potential user's identity and their status at the University at Buffalo.  Globus is a secure, reliable research data management service used by institutions all over the world.  Globus provides a platform for application integration and gateway development leveraging advanced identity management, single sign-on, search and authorization capabilities.  Globus will redirect you to login to UB's systems to make this verification.  This process is similar to using your Facebook or Google account to login to a website, except we are using Globus as the trusted provider.  You only need to do this one time, when you are requesting the creation of a new CCR account.  

More information on Globus can be found here

To create a new CCR account, visit the CCR identity management portal:  https://idm.ccr.buffalo.edu

NOTE:  You must be on a UB network (either on campus or connected to the UB VPN) to access this site!

Step-by-step instructions follow:

1.  Click on Create Account:

2.  Click the Sign Up button to proceed:

3.  Globus will now point to your chosen institution to authenticate against and verify your status.  "The State University of New York at Buffalo" should already be selected from the drop down menu.  If not, please select it now.  

Click the Continue button:

NOTE:  At this time, we can only accept sign-ups from users affiliated with the University at Buffalo.  Do NOT attempt to use the Google or ORCiD iD options as we require authentication against UB systems for verification of your status.  All other users must be collaborating with a UB faculty member and that person should request an account using the CCR help portal.

4.  Globus will now redirect you to UB's systems to authenticate against.

Login using your UBIT username (not email address) and password:

For assistance with your UB account or password, please use the links contained on the UBIT authentication page.

NOTE:  This page may not display for you.  If you've previously logged into a UB system that required authentication in the browser you're using, this step will be skipped and you'll be presented with the next step.

DUO:  Faculty, staff, and students at UB are now required to use two factor authentication with the Duo app.  If you haven't authenticated recently, you will be prompted to acknowledge the sign-in with your Duo app to move to the next step.

5.  Globus will now ask you to link your UB account with your Globus account:

6.  Globus will display your information and ask you to agree to their terms of service.  You can read the terms in full by clicking on the links they provide.  

If you agree, check the box and click the Continue button:

7a.  If you already have a Globus account, you can link you UB account to your Globus account by clicking "Link to an existing account"

You will then be asked to login to your primary identity that's saved on your Globus account:

7b.  If you do NOT already have a Globus account, simply hit the Continue button.  Globus will present a list of what CCR is asking for regarding your identity.  

If you agree to this, click the Allow button:

8.  Once verified via Globus, you will be presented with the following form to fill out.  It is not possible to change your username.  Please complete the form by entering your name, preferred email address, and password you'd like to use on CCR's systems.  Enter the number you see in the Captcha box and press the "Sign Up" button:

9.  Please notify CCR help if you do not see this message after completing the sign-up form:

10.  Click on the link contained in your email which will direct you to a page like this.  Click the Verify button:

11.  Once you've verified your account, you will receive this message:

Next Steps

IMPORTANT: Even though you may have a CCR account, you will not be able to login to CCR servers, clusters, and software portals until your account has been verified.  New faculty must verify they are a PI.  New users must ask their faculty adviser, mentor or course instructor to add them to their appropriate project in order to get the access needed to login to the various CCR resources.  For more information about our allocations management portal, Coldfront, please see:

What is Coldfront?

Adding Users to your Project in Coldfront

How can I verify my account status?  You can check the status of your access by logging into Coldfront.  Once you've been added to a project, you will see that project in the Coldfront interface.  Click on the allocation for a resource in that project (i.e. ub-hpc) and look for your name.   If you do not see any projects or active allocations, please contact whomever you're working for and ask that they add you to their project and allocation(s).  If you are on the list but can't login, it is because our systems haven't synced for the day yet.  If it's been more than 2 business days and you still can't login, please contact CCR help.

New Faculty Accounts Only:

If you are a faculty member creating a new CCR account, you will need to request your account be upgraded to a PI account.  More instructions can be found here:

Upgrade Account Instructions

Coldfront - New Faculty Project Setup