Each type of resource is different in why they expire.  For example:

  • Allocations to the academic and industry clusters expire annually.  
  • Allocations to private clusters expire every 5 years (or when the hardware warranty expires). 
  • Allocations to cloud compute expire when the compute time is used up.  

Faculty members and any users they authorize as "managers" on their projects are the only people that can renew an allocation.  

Renewals can be done beginning 60 days before the allocation expires so as to provide you with plenty of time to complete the process.  For cluster allocations, users will receive email reminders that their cluster allocation is expiring at 30 days before expiration and then 2 weeks and 1 week the date of expiration.  Faculty can click on the link in the email to go directly to the renewal page in ColdFront, or they can click on the yellow button displaying "expires in X days" on the project detail page.  

Though faculty are not required to review their project with every allocation that requires renewal, they will not be allowed to renew an allocation unless the project has been review at least once in the previous 365 days.  You will receive this error:

For more details about the yearly project review, please see this article

If you have already completed your project review, you can renew your allocation by clicking on the "expires in X days" label next to the allocation either on the home page or on the project detail page.

This will bring you to the allocation detail page where you can click on the "expires in X days" label.  This will show you a list of all users on the allocation and you can choose whether to keep them active, remove them from only the allocation, or remove them from your group altogether:

Click the Submit button and your request for renewal will be sent to CCR staff.  You'll see the status change to "Renewal Requested"

Once the renewal is approved by CCR staff, the status will change to "Active" and the End Date will be one year from date of activation.

What happens if the allocation expires?

If a PI does not renew cluster allocations by the due date, all users in the group will be blocked from running jobs on the cluster that allocation is linked to.  Renewals can be done beginning 60 days before the allocation expires so as to provide you with plenty of time to complete the process.  If you have an extenuating circumstance making it impossible to renew on time, please contact CCR help via the help portal to request an extension.

Cloud allocations that expire are subject to termination of the instances running in the cloud account as well as deletion of the data.  Please see this article for more details on cloud allocations and payments

More info on allocation expirations