You can check the status of your access to CCR resource by logging into the allocation management portal, ColdFront.  Once you've been added to a project, you will see that project in the Coldfront interface.  

NOTE: If you can't login to ColdFront, please try resetting your password in the identity management portal:

Click on the Active button next to the allocation name for a resource in that project (i.e. ub-hpc) and look for your name. 

If you do not see any projects or allocations, whomever you're working for has not added you to their project yet.  Please contact them to ask them to do so.  

Please allow 24 hours for updates from the ColdFront system to the CCR servers.

If your status is showing as "active" on a allocation in ColdFront, then you *should* be able to login to that resource.  However, there is a time delay between being added in ColdFront and being activated on the systems.  If it's been more than 1 business day since you were added to ColdFront and you still can't login, please contact CCR help.