You can check the status of your access to CCR resource by logging into the subscription management portal, Coldfront.  Once you've been added to a project, you will see that project in the Coldfront interface.  

Click on the Active button next to the subscription name for a resource in that project (i.e. ub-hpc) and look for your name.  If the status is 'pending-add,' you will not be able to login to that resource yet.  If the status is 'active', you can login to the resource (i.e. cluster).  

If you do not see any projects or subscriptions, your access is still pending.  CCR staff generally process account requests once a week on Thursdays.  However, during busy times at the beginning of semesters this is done more frequently.  If your request has been pending more than 3 business days, please submit a CCR help ticket to request a check on the pending status.