If this is your first time logging into any CCR server or web portal, you will get this error when logging into OnDemand:

Your home directory at /user/your_username appears to be missing

As seen in this screenshot:

Users MUST login to a CCR front end server at least one time before trying to use OnDemand.  You can do this by clicking on the "Open shell to create your home directory" link

A new window is opened and you'll be prompted to confirm your login (type 'yes') and enter your password.  NOTE: You will not see your password on the screen.  Type the characters and hit 'Enter'

Then your home directory will be created as seen in this screenshot.  

You will also be directed to run a script to create SSH keys needed to run jobs on the clusters:

Welcome, this is your first login.  Please run this script before attempting to run any jobs on the cluster: /util/ccr/bin/ssh_no_password.sh

Users should copy and paste this into the command line:


You may then log out (click the X  to close the browser tab) and then click on the second link labeled "Restart OnDemand login"  If all goes well, you will then see the regular OnDemand home page:

Please contact CCR help if this process does not work for you.