What happens if a resource allocation expires?

If a PI does not renew a resource allocation by the due date, all users in the group will be blocked from accessing the resource (or running jobs on the cluster).  Renewals can be done beginning 60 days before the allocation expires so as to provide you with plenty of time to complete the process.  If you have an extenuating circumstance making it impossible to renew on time, please contact CCR help via the help portal to request an extension.

Once an allocation has been expired for 60 days, users in that group will no longer be able to login to the resource.  Accounts will be deactivated and data will be archived.  Please renew on time so as to avoid this inconvenience.

Cloud allocations are subject to different rules.  Please see this article for more details.

Can I renew an expired allocation?

You can not renew an expired allocation.  You must request a new allocation for the resource and go through the approval process.  If you have not completed the project review in the last 365 days, you will be required to do this first, before requesting any new allocations.

More info on the annual project review

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