Users are able to create and run their own applications in OnDemand.  However, this is an advanced process and approval must be granted by the system administrators to allow users to develop their own apps.  Approval is granted on a case-by-case basis.  Interested users should submit a help request to begin the process of getting this feature enabled in their accounts.  Please provide information about what app you plan to enable in OnDemand and where this app is already installed in your home or project directory. 

NOTE: Your application must already be installed and working and you must have modules configured to load the proper environment variables.  Without these settings, you will not be able to run your app in OnDemand.

Once the system administrators have enabled your access, you will see a new menu when you login to OnDemand:  </>Develop

NOTE: This directly maps to a location in your home directory:  /user/<username>/ondemand/dev