At this time, there is no way to launch Jupyter Notebook in OnDemand from your project space.  However, you can create a link from your home directory to your project space.  This will be accessible in Jupyter Notebook allowing you access into your project directory.

In a terminal window, create the symbolic link:

cd /user/<username>

ln -s /projects/academic/<group_name> projects

NOTE: not all project directories are academic.  Yours may be under /projects/industry or /projects/rpci

Now, when you list the contents of your home directory you will see an item called "projects" and the link pointing to your project directory:

Now use the cd command to move to your project directory:

cd projects


In Jupyter Notebook, you'll see the link to projects and when you click on it, you'll end up in your project directory.  There you can create new files and directories and edit existing files.