RPCI researchers and their students and staff are permitted to have access to most CCR resources.  Account requests MUST come from a Roswell Park researcher (i.e. a Roswell Park employee with a title of full, assistant or associate Professor) --- staff and students without a qualifying title must be sponsored by a Roswell Park researcher.

RESEARCHERS:  If you have a dual appointment that includes a UB account, please follow the directions here to create yourself a CCR account and setup a project in our allocations management system, ColdFront.  

If you do NOT have a UB account, please contact CCR Help via this portal or by emailing ccr-help @ buffalo.edu.  Provide your full name, email address, and Roswell department when requesting an account.  Once your CCR account is created, you will need to create a project in our allocations management system, ColdFront, and request access to the resource(s) you'd like to use.  Please see these articles for more information:

Creating a new project

Requesting an allocation (access to) a resource

Which resources should you request allocations to?

RPCI researchers may request, at a minimum, allocations for the 'RPCI (cluster partition)' resource and the 'Project Storage' resource.  There is no cost to individual RPCI research groups to use these services as RPCI and UB have a use agreement in place.  In addition to these resources:

- Faculty who have a dual appointment at UB may request an allocation to the 'UB-HPC (cluster)' resource

- Faculty who have NIH funding may request an allocation to the 'NIH boost (cluster partition)'  This provides access to the 'UB-HPC (cluster)' resource.  You must list your NIH grant in ColdFront in order to qualify for this.  We do NOT bill your grant funds for this use.

If you qualify for this access, please request allocations for them.

Access for Students and Staff in Research Groups

If your students and/or staff have UB accounts, ask them to follow the instructions here to create themselves a CCR account

Once created, you will be able to add them to your project in CCR's allocation management system, ColdFront

Adding users to your project

IMPORTANT:  University at Buffalo policies forbid the sharing of accounts!  It is a violation of UB and CCR policy for users to share their account credentials or access to their account.  Please request a separate account for every user you want to have access to CCR servers.

Storage:  Each research group is provided with a shared project directory but you must request an allocation for the 'Project Storage' resource in ColdFront.  Roswell Park researchers will find theirs located in:  /projects/rpci/[PI_username]

RPCI determines the quota sizes.  Please consult with Kenneth Quinn at RPCI.

Storage Options

Access to CCR:  Access to CCR resources is restricted to the Roswell Park secure networks.  You will not be able to access CCR servers and websites from the patient wifi or any other insecure wifi networks at RPCI.  Roswell employees who wish to connect to UB CCR from off-campus must first connect to the Roswell VPN.  Note that VPN access requires prior authorization from the Roswell Information Security Office --- requests can be initiated through the Roswell Park Service Now “Request IT” portal.

Additional Information for RPCI Users:

(1) Software Modules:  Roswell Park employees have access to software modules provided in the “/util/common” area by CCR staff. Additional software modules are maintained by Roswell Park’s IT Research Computing group --- to use these modules, you must first issue a “module use /projects/rpci/software/modules” command. For example, to obtain a complete list of available software (i.e. from both CCR and Roswell Park), issue the following commands:

$ module use /projects/rpci/modules

$ module avail

(2) Training and Support: Training and support for Roswell Park users is provided by Roswell Park’s IT Research Computing group.  Requests may be submitted through the Roswell Park Service Now portal (https://roswellpark.service-now.com/rp/) or by e-mailing ServiceDesk@RoswellPark.org.  See the PowerPoint presentation attachment at the bottom of this page for detailed usage information.

(3) Additional Roswell Park HPC Assets:  Roswell Park’s IT Research Computing group maintains a 1600 processor compute cluster that can be accessed through an OnDemand web-portal: http://u1.roswellpark.org/pun/sys/dashboard