NOTE: Follow the Security Groups article to ensure your instance can be connected to with SSH

Our images are customized to use public keys instead of a default password which means first time instance login must be done through SSH.

The usernames for the images are as follows

Ubuntu 14,16,18
Centos 6, 7

Ubuntu & MacOS SSH command:

ssh -i <key_name.key> <username>@<instance IP address>


ssh -i cloud.key ubuntu@

See Managing Openstack Credentials for Public Key information and generation

Getting a "permission denied" error?  See if this is the reason

For Windows users you will need a 3rd party application such as MobaXterm in order to use SSH

If you want to use the Openstack web interface console, you can change the user's password with the following command:

sudo passwrd <username>


sudo passwrd ubuntu

then enter your new password and you will be able to login to the web interface's console

If you want to be able to SSH without the use of a Public Key you can edit the following file:



PasswordAuthentication no

change to yes

Then restart the SSH service with:

sudo service ssh restart

NOTE:  We do not recommend this as using password-less SSH keys is far more secure than setting passwords!