No space left on device error means you are over quota in the space you're trying to create or move files to.

To check your quota in the home or project directories, use:


iquota -u -g

More info on quotas can be found here

If you're certain you are not over quota, then it is an issue of file permissions.  In the project spaces, users must ensure the group ownership of a file or directory is set to the faculty or project group of that directory.  If you get this error, this is definitely the problem:

mv: failed to preserve ownership for 'filename': no space left on device

1.  If you are trying to move a file from another location, change the group ownership of the file before moving it or use the copy command instead.

2.  If you get this error when trying to edit an existing file or trying to create a new one, it is because the 'sticky bit' is not set correctly on the subdirectory you are trying to write in.  You must add the sticky bit to the group permissions on the subdirectory to fix this:

chmod g+s directory_name

Please see this article for more details on group file permissions in the project spaces