Setting up a Globus personal endpoint on your computer or desktop will enable you to transfer and share files from your desktop to CCR, and vice versa. Once you initiate the transfer, you can relax and focus on your research while Globus handles the boring but important task of data transfer.

To get started, first log onto Globus - you will be directed to your "File Manager" page.

Click on "Collections" from the options on the left panel.

You will now have to download the Globus Connect Personal software for the operating system that you are running.  Installation of the Globus Connect Personal client software is different for each operating system.  Please review the documents provided by Globus for your OS:




NOTE: If you are using a Linux operating system and get this error:

Tcllib not found.
The Globus Connect Personal GUI requires Tcllib.
Please install Tcllib using your distributions package management system.
On Debian based systems (e.g. Ubunutu):
apt-get install tcllib
On Redhat based systems (e.g. CentOS, Fedora):
yum install tcllib
Note: if you encounter an error about tcllib not being
 available, it can be found here and installed manually:

tcllip is a prerequisite required for the Globus Connect Personal software.  Please install it as instructed in the error message above and then attempt to install the Globus software again.

Once, you have installed the software, it will prompt you to log in.

Click "log in" and you will be taken to your browser to provide permissions to the software. Click "Allow".

You should now be logged in successfully and a new "Collection Details" window will appear.

You can name your colleciton under "Collection Name" (for eg. 'My mac'), and give it a description if you wish to.

Click "Save" once done.

Your new collection will now be created!

Now, go back to your "File Manager" page, click on "Collections", and then click on "Search". Choose "Your Collections" and you'll find the collection that you just created.

Click on the endpoint (in this case My Mac), and you'll be able to access all the files on your desktop. 

To be able to transfer your files to CCR's storage system, and vice versa. You'll have to connect to one of CCR's mapped collections, i.e. "CCR Projects Space". 

In order to do this, click on the split Panels view (towards the top right corner of your screen).

Now you will notice that with a split panel view, you can connect to a second endpoint. 

Search for CCR's endpoint (CCR Projects Space) on the panel towards the right.

You might be asked to authenticate your account once you choose "CCr Projects Space" collection, click continue to authenticate/connect your account.


Once you're connected to both collection, you will be able to transfer files from your desktop to CCR, or from CCR to your desktop. For instance, if a person wants to transfer their ondemand folder from CCR to their desktop, they must choose the folder itself and then click "Start" to initiate the transfer.

You can also view your transfer activity by clicking on "view details" notification which will pop up as soon as you initiate the transfer, or you can simply click on "Activity" from the options towards the left panel.

If you have any further doubts on how to transfer your files through Globus, please view this document.

To learn more about Globus, and for your further "How to" questions, please visit this page.