The Files App in OnDemand allows users to easily transfer files to or from their local computers, view and edit files on the CCR systems, and other basic file management tasks.   

NOTE: This application is provided as is and built into OnDemand.  CCR is not able to make any modifications to the software.  Basic information on the app is provided below and we'd like to point out a few important things to note when using the app:

- Do NOT transfer large files or large amounts of file using this app.  Please use the data transfer node for large file transfers or our Globus Endpoint.

- File transfer is limited to the amount of memory on the OnDemand server and the number of users currently using it.  If you get errors, please report them to CCR help.

To begin with, the user needs to login to OnDemand. Instructions for how to login to OnDemand can be found here.

Once Logged in click Files > Home Directory

Open a File 

Users can open a file with the View Button.
Select the file you wish to open and then choose the View button from the drop down menu.

Editing a File 

The Edit button next to View button opens the Editor app in a new window.  The Editor offers various features such as changing text to changing the theme of the Editor.

Select the file you wish to edit and then click the Edit Button. 
After making your changes, click the Save button to save the changes.

Renaming a File

Select the file to rename and then click the Rename button.  Enter the new name then click the OK button in the dialogue box.

Copy/Paste Files

To copy a file, first select the file to copy and then click the copy button. Navigate to the directory you want to paste the file and then click the copy button on the left hand side of the screen.

Moving Files 

Moving files is very similar to how you would copy them. Select the file that you want to move, navigate to the directory you wish to move the file to and select the 'move' option from left hand side of the screen.

Here's an example of moving files from home directory to /panasas/scratch:

Select the file you want to move and click the button Copy/move. You will find the /panasas/scratch or your project directory on the left side of the screen. Click on the directory you want your file to be moved to, choose your group, and then click on 'move'.

Some users have access to /projects/academic and/or /projects/industry and/or /projects/rpci. One can also move files with the above method to/from their project folder.

Show Dotfiles

Dotfiles are the files that are hidden by the operating system. They may contain environment settings, configurations for software programs, or hold confidential data.  Editing them should be done with caution as misconfiguration will affect how a program runs.

To view Dotfiles click the checkbox 'Show Dotfiles'.

Change Directory

You can also spell out a directory you want to navigate instead of clicking around, Just click on "Change directory" button, type out the directory you want to navigate to and click Ok.