Once you've successfully followed the steps to getting started with Lake Effect through this document, there may be one last thing you need to tackle before you can log into your instance. 

If you attempt to login and get this error: "Permission Denied(Publickey)" 



Permissions 0644 for 'your key file' are too open

It is required that your private key files are NOT accessible by others.

This private key will be ignored.

Load key 'your key file': bad permissions

the permissions on your private key file may be incorrect.

The private key has to be private to the user, but since they are getting this error, it means that anyone who has access to their computer has the authority to view or edit the private key file. 

To avoid this from happening, the user should navigate to the directory they downloaded their file to and verify the permissions:

ls -al yourkeyname

If the error is caused by a permissions problem, you'll see something like this which allows user/owner read and write access, and group & world read access:


To set the permissions correctly, run this command: chmod 600 yourkeyname 

This means that only the owner/user would have the read and write access to the file. 

For more information on the "chmod" commands, please view this page.

Now, you can use the following command to connect to your instance:

ssh -i <key_name.key> <username>@<instance IP address>


ssh -i cloud.key ubuntu@

and you should be able to connect to your instance.