The OnDemand Active Jobs app gives you the ability to view your jobs and their status across the clusters and also view the jobs of other users.

To begin with, the user needs to login to 
OnDemand. Instructions for how to login to OnDemand can be found here. 


Once logged in click Jobs -> Active Jobs 

 To view, your jobs click the Jobs button and change to "Your Jobs" and select which cluster you want to view in the cluster drop-down menu.

To view details about your job and locate the output files, the arrow next to the JobID and then click the "Open in File Manager" button.

Upon clicking the "Open in File Manager" button, a new window will open displaying the File Manager App within your job's file output location.

To view, all jobs across different clusters choose the "All Jobs" button and switch between clusters as required.

See additional information on job performance graphs and hardware metrics here