Cluster Shell App:  This app provides users with a shell login to access the various cluster front-end servers at CCR.  No need to install a SSH client like PuTTy!

All of the 'cluster shell access' apps in OnDemand login to one of the front end login machines for our center (currently: vortex1 or vortex2).  It does not matter which cluster you will be submitting to - these front ends provide access to the shared storage and the Slurm scheduler to submit jobs to any of the clusters.  NOTE: The default Slurm cluster on these front-ends is ub-hpc cluster so faculty cluster users will need to specify the option "-M faculty" with all Slurm commands.

NOTE: If this terminal immediately logs you off, your shell is not setup correctly.  Please contact CCR Help for assistance.  More details can be found in this alert.

This is a command-line interface (CLI) terminal window and is where you will type all of your UNIX commands.  If you are unfamiliar with UNIX commands, we recommend you view the following articles:

Basic UNIX

UNIX File Transfer

User Environment

For information about where files are stored, how to check your quotas, and how to purchase additional storage, please see:

Storage and Quotas

All software installed on CCR systems is available through our modules system.  To see what is installed and available to you, use this command:

module avail

For more information about modules and how to use them to load software environment settings, see this article:  Software Modules

Some of the Many Pieces of Software Installed at CCR

How do I install software?

Creating a software module for your own use

Creating a software module for your research group

Policy on CCR installations of software