Once you've created a CCR system account, you will be able to login to the ColdFront web portal. Your username and password for ColdFront are the same as your CCR username and password.

Visit the website and click on the Login button

NOTE: You must be on the UB or Roswell Park networks to connect to most CCR servers and web portals.  If you are off-campus, please use the UB VPN to connect

 - https://coldfront.ccr.buffalo.edu/

You will need to authenticate using CCR's Identity Management System which looks like the image given below.  Enter your username and password. 

To learn more about logging in with two-factor authentication enabled click here.

After logging in, you will be redirected to the ColdFront dashboard:

Additional ColdFront Documentation:

Checking the status of your account & determining what resources you have access to

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Faculty - requesting a new allocation

Faculty - adding users on your project and allocations

Faculty - removing users on your project and allocations

Faculty - competing the annual project review

Faculty - renewing an expiring allocation

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