The Job Composer App in On-Demand is a powerful tool that lets you create and manage your existing jobs in just a matter of a few clicks.

The Job Composer App gives you the flexibility to copy and submit existing jobs to creating a template for a job and re-using them time and again.

To begin with, the user needs to login to OnDemand. Instructions for how to login to OnDemand can be found here.

Once Logged in click Jobs > Job Composer

Creating a template from an Existing Job:

Select the job by clicking the Job and then press the Create Template Button 

It will redirect to you a new page in which you have to enter the Details of the Template

Click on the Save button after entering all the details.

Submitting a job from a Template:

Click on the button New Job and select the option From Template

It will take you to a new page to choose from the Templates.
Choose the template by clicking and click to button Create new Job 

Once the job is created, it will redirect you to the Jobs page and will notify you.
To start the job click button Submit.

Also, have a look at How to view Active Jobs in OnDemand