CCR system accounts vs Freshdesk Help portal accounts

New users often confuse their help desk accounts as CCR system accounts. It is important that our users understand that these two accounts are separate and linked together. Help desk accounts allow users to submit new tickets and view old ones. On the other hand, to access all the resources like clusters, servers, storage, and software licenses, users would have to have a CCR system account and NOT just a help desk account. NOTE: help desk accounts are not required.  Users can browse the knowledgebase without logging in.

For more information on how to create a CCR account, please view this article.

For information on how to check your CCR account status, please view this article.

Have a CCR account already but still can't login to the cluster?

Once you have successfully created a CCR account, you need whomever is sponsoring your account (faculty member or professor) to add you to their project in Coldfront and select which allocation(s) they want you to have access to. Allocations provide access to all the resources available at CCR.  It is up to the sponsors to set this up correctly in Coldfront or the user will not be able to login to CCR resources.
Instructions for how to do this can be found here

Users can check the status of their account by logging into Coldfront. Keep in mind, it takes approximately 24 business hours after you've been added to an allocation for your account to be updated. 

It is also important to note that we allow connections from most, but not all, UB networks including all UB wired ports and the wifi networks of UB_Secure and Eduroam.  We do not allow connections from the UB_Guest wifi network.  We also permit logins from the Roswell Park Cancer Institute secure wired and staff wifi networks.  We do not allow connections from the RPCI patient wifi network. In an event where you are not on campus and can't connect to any of the secure connections mentioned above, users should use the UB VPN client to connect to UB's network.  VPN client software and support is available through UBIT

Password issues - forgotten or expired

In an event if you've forgotten your password or it is expired (passwords expire once a year), you can navigate to our identity management portal and click on the "Forgot your password" link to generate a new password for your account. 

Can't create new account - 'fatal system error'

If, while creating a CCR system account following these directions, you get an error that says "fatal system error," please submit a help ticket to CCR help.  Staff will need to take manual action to rectify the problem.