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Upcoming Workshops:

No registration required!  Just show up at the scheduled time or view the recording after the fact.  To secure our meetings, login to your UB account on Zoom is required.  If you do not have a UB Zoom account but want to attend a workshop, please contact CCR Help for the meeting connection information.

New User System Tour

Are you a new user who's unsure where to even begin?  Join us for this workshop where we'll give you a "tour" of the CCR cluster infrastructure.  We'll show you how to find your files, how to navigate the file systems, how to see what software is installed, and you'll learn a few basic Linux commands as well!  This is potentially a hands-on tutorial.  Users with active accounts are welcome to login and follow along as we demonstrate a few basic commands on our systems.  

When:  Usually the first Tuesday of the month - times vary to accommodate different schedules

Tues, 2/1/22 12pm

Tues, 3/1/22 1pm

Tues, 4/5/22 9am

Tues, 5/3/22 2pm

Length: 45-60 minutes

Location:  Virtual via Zoom

Required prerequisite: Active CCR account

Recommended prerequisites: Attend or view recordings of "Intro to CCR" & "Intro to OnDemand" workshop 

Recommended reading:  Basic UNIX commands & CCR cheat sheet

Download the cheat sheet

ColdFront for PIs and Project Managers - CCR's allocation management portal

ColdFront is used by CCR to manage access to all resources available to our users.  This workshop will demonstrate the features of the allocations portal, how PIs can use it to best benefit their groups, and point out a few new features you may not be aware of.  Though this workshop is geared towards faculty members, all are welcome to attend.

When: Thur, 2/0/22 12:00-12:30pm

Length: 25-30 minutes

Location:  Virtual via Zoom

Recommended prerequisites: Active CCR account, Attend or view recording of "Intro to CCR" workshop

See previously recorded workshops here