Open XDMoD is an open source tool with available metrics that helps monitor resource utilization and performance of high-performance computing resources. 

In order to log into Open XDMoD, please visit this website.

Now click on "Sign in" in the top left corner of the page.

You will be prompted to sign in with either a UB account or a local Open XDMoD account. To sign in with a your UB account, click on the "UB logo" icon and sign in with your UB credentials.

Once logged in, you will be provided with information about CCR clusters.  

 By default, you will be shown data for the previous month, however, you can change the time-frame of the data by clicking on the "settings" icon corresponding to the name/description of the chart.

You will be directed to the "Metric Explorer" tab where you can create new or edit charts/data (more on that in other solutions articles).

Here you can change the Start and End date of the data and the chart would be updated.  You can also click on the clock icon and choose from a pre-determined set of ranges.

To learn how to view job efficiency for your jobs, please view this document.

To learn how to edit charts, please view this document.

To learn how to use Metric explorer, please view this document.

To learn how to export and download charts from Open XDMoD, please view this document.