To learn how to view data using charts based off of different metrics, please view this document.

In "Metric Explorer" tab you can edit, compare, or organize the chart. 

Here you can change time-frame of the graph by changing "Start" and "End" values. 

And add data by selecting another distribution from the left hand side of the portal window. For example, here we choose a new metric.

Once you are done choosing a new metric, you'll be get a new combined graphical representations of data.

NOTE: You can also add new data to your graph by clicking on "Add Data" in the top toolbar, select a category and pick any metric that you would want to add.

Compare charts

To compare your charts, click on any data element in the chart again.

Now, select "Compare To" from the provided options and select any metric that you want your chart to compare to. 

Once done, you will get a new chart distribution comparing two different metrics.

Displaying different types of graph:

You could also switch to any type of graph you desire. To do this, click on any data element again and click on "Display"

Now you can choose any type of data that you want, for the sake of this example, we chose "Line" graph:

Saving your graph:

To save your graph, click on "Save as" from the toolbar.

You will then be directed to name your graph.

Once you have decided on a name for your graph, click "OK". Now you will be able to access the said graph anytime under "Load Chart".


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