Your most recent job data is now available from the OnDemand dashboard!

When you initially login to OnDemand, you will now see this "error:"

Click the link to login to Open XDMoD - you can use your UB credentials to do so.  Once logged into Open XDMoD you can navigate back to OnDemand and you'll see your most recent job information, a score for how efficient your job was, and a link to much more detailed job and node usage information:

Do I have to login to Open XDMoD?

Nope!  If you don't want to view your job data, you do not need to login.  You will just see the red "error" but it will not affect your OnDemand usage.

What is Open XDMoD and how do I use it?

Thanks for asking!  We have spent over 10 years developing detailed metrics for HPC centers and have information about using the portal here.  

Coming soon!

Single sign-on between OnDemand and Open XDMoD will allow you to skip this extra login step.  Thanks for your patience!