There are many resources available for use at CCR.  If after reading through these descriptions you are still unsure about which resource you should be requesting an allocation for, please email ccr-help.

The list of publicly available resources includes: 

UB-HPC cluster - This cluster is available to all UB faculty, their students & collaborators.  It is the main resource utilized at CCR.

Project Storage - request an allocation for this if you'd like a shared directory created for your group.  This shared directory is available to access from all CCR clusters, login nodes, data transfer node, and the Globus file transfer service.  It is not accessible from the cloud infrastructure.  CCR provides 1TB of storage for free.  Faculty can purchase additional storage by the TB annually.

Global Scratch - The Panasas storage system serves global "scratch" directories for cluster users.  Groups must request an allocation and a shared directory will be created with a quota of 10TB.  Scratch file systems have different policies than other storage at CCR.  Please be sure to view the scratch policy before using this resource.

Lake Effect Cloud - on-premise cloud infrastructure for research projects.  This is an infrastructure-as-a-service system meaning the faculty group buys compute time in the cloud and completely controls the servers in their project.  Pricing structure for the research cloud can be found here.

Lake Effect Cloud Storage -  additional storage you can purchase for the Lake Effect research cloud if you require more than the initial storage included with your subscription.  This is not accessible from the cluster resources, only from the Lake Effect Cloud resource.

Industry Cluster Partition - Use of this cluster is restricted to business partners or faculty with a business use case.  Please provide a justification of this use case when requesting the allocation.

WebMO - Chemistry software portal.  This is accessible to all academic users; however, it is only useful for Chemistry applications.  You must also have an allocation to the UB-HPC (Academic) Cluster resource for this to work.  

Software Licenses - If access to a software license is not universally available, your group will need an allocation to access it.  When requesting the allocation, you will need to agree to the terms of the license and/or the terms of access presented in the allocation request window.   If you read the info provided and find you do not qualify for access to that license or you do do not want to agree to the End User License Agreement (EULA), you can cancel out of the request process by clicking the "back to project" button.  The faculty member (PI) requesting the allocation is agreeing to the EULA for everyone in the group!  Please make sure to provide these restrictions to your group members so they are aware of them and do not violated the license agreement or CCR access policies.

These are some of the software licenses available on CCR's systems:







FSL Tools







usearch 64-bit (32-bit license is available to all academic users)

Private resources including faculty cluster partitions and research lab servers:

Some resources are restricted to specific groups so you will not see them unless you own the equipment or the owner has granted you permission to request allocations for that resource.  If you're looking for a resource that you don't see on your drop down list or there's a problem with the item on the list, please contact ccr-help.