CCR does not provide a license for COMSOL and no longer supports installations for multiple groups.  CCR provides one installation of the latest version of COMSOL in /util/common/comsol and groups must point to their license file.  Most often these are installed on a SENS license server.

1.  One person from the group should create a group module file & directory, like:  /projects/academic/pi_group/modulefiles/comsol/ 

NOTE: substitute pi_group with your group's directory name

2.  Copy the the example file in /util/common/comsol/modulefiles/comsol/5.5.lua to your group's directory created in step 1

3.  Edit the .lua file to update the license server information (usually this means pointing to a SENS server.  Industry users may point to CCR's server (depending on service agreement) or have their own they point to)

4. In the .lua file you can point to either Comsol version 5.3 or Comsol version 5.5
5.3 installation location /util/common/comsol/COMSOL53

5.5 installation location /util/common/comsol/COMSOL55

5.  Then all users in the group source their personal modules setup and load the comsol module:

module use /projects/academic/pi_group/modulefiles

NOTE: substitute pi_group with your group's directory name

module load comsol/5.3

or, if using Comsol 5.5 you can change the name of your .lua file to 5.5.lua and then:

module load comsol/5.5