The Duo app is currently used by UB for providing one-time tokens for UB accounts.  It's very convenient to use this app for CCR accounts too.  However, you can not use the same tokens for your CCR account that are generated for your UBIT account.  You must add a new account in Duo for your CCR account.  This is described in this article

Once you have scanned the QR code and added your CCR account to Duo, it'll create a long token ID as shown in the image below (this is a screenshot from an Android device).  You can edit the that long string and enter something more identifiable for convenience. 

Android Specific Info:

In order to that, on Android devices long press (or hold) the account and an edit menu will pop up. 

Now, click on "Edit Account" and you will directed to the editing screen.  Here you can delete that long token ID and enter any text that will help you better identify your account.  We recommend "CCR" and then your username:

Once done, click on save and the long token ID will be replaced by the new text that you entered in the previous step. Here's what it'll look like on Duo's main screen on Android devices:

iPhone Specific Info

To edit the account name on an iPhone, launch Duo and click the Edit link:

Touch the new entry you added for your CCR account:

Then change the text however you want it to read and click Save:

It will return you to the main Duo screen with your list of accounts.  Touch the CCR one to generate a new 6 digit one-time token every time you login:

Logging in to your CCR account with Duo:

CCR's account system is not able to push notifications to Duo, like UBIT accounts do.  To login to your CCR account, launch the Duo app and touch the CCR account to generate a one time token.

Note: The one-time token generated will only be valid for 30 seconds. If you for some reason weren't able to login within that time frame use the next OTP generated by Duo.