NOTICE:  As of 2/1/22 due to changes with Box and because of the way CCR's file systems are mounted, we are unable to support the secure mounting of UB Box on the data transfer server.  

The UB Information Technology group has recommended using ftps (secure ftp) to transfer files to/from UB Box because it is considerably faster than the alternatives.  To use "ftps" (i.e. ftp over SSL), CCR users can use "lftp" on the data transfer server. Prior to doing so, UB users must create an FTP password within Box.  Please refer to their documentation for instructions:

Using "lftp" on CCR's data transfer server (

Set up the UBbox ftp password as in the above UBIT video at:


transfer$ lftp
lftp :~> set ftps:initial-prot ""
lftp :~> set ftp:ssl-force true
lftp :~> set ftp:ssl-protect-data true
lftp :~> open ftps://
lftp> user
Password: _enter_your_box_ftp_password_here_
lftp> ls
drwx------ 1 owner group 0 Mar 24 2020 Your_files

lftp> cd somedir
lftp> get somefile
16063 bytes transferred
lftp> exit


To transfer files to UB Box from the data transfer server, use the 'get' command

To transfer files from UB Box to the data transfer server, use the 'put' command

The 'mirror' command is a great way to move only files that have changed.

You can use "cd, lcd, get, put, exit, ls, rm" etc. as you would for the regular (unsecure) ftp client.  We do not provide documentation for FTP but recommend that you use your favorite search engine to find the trove of how-to articles, videos, and tutorials on using FTP available on the internet.


For assistance with UB Box, please refer to UBIT's documentation or contact UBIT Help.