As a user of CCR equipment, you may receive emails from us about emergency outages, major planned outages, or updates to CCR's policies.  Occasionally we will send out an event notice we feel the majority of CCR users would be interested in.  We do not send announcements about monthly planned maintenance downtimes unless the downtime is expected to last more than one day or there are major changes planned that will affect all users.  

We commit to notify all active CCR users through email before we make significant changes to our systems and policies.  We use UB's listserv email system for this purpose and it provides recipients a method for unsubscribing.  Please realize that we update our lists to include all active CCR users before sending our emails so even if you've unsubscribed, you will be re-subscribed if you maintain an active CCR account.  We understand this may be annoying but we aim to only send emails with important information that affect all CCR users.

We occasionally send a newsletter with information about CCR.  This comes from Mailchimp.  We automatically add all active CCR users to this list but you are welcome to unsubscribe from that if you no longer want to receive these newsletters.  We will not re-subscribe you to this list (or at least not purposely).

Additional places you can get CCR information:

You can see our downtime schedule and planned tasks here

Emergency or important alerts are posted here and on Twitter

You can see event notices here