PIs and project managers are now able to request changes to some types of active allocations.  At CCR, we allow changes on ACTIVE storage and cloud allocations.  You may request an increase in storage quota or an increase in core hours for cloud allocations.  Both of these items have costs associated with them so once your change request has been submitted, you will be contacted by CCR staff for billing information.

Storage costs

Cloud costs 

Requesting Allocation Changes

Requesting an Allocation Date Extension

PIs and managers also have the option to request a date extension on any active allocation.  However, if you plan to use the resource for an entire year, please renew the allocation rather than request a short date extension.  Date extensions will be granted for short term requests like scratch storage extensions, student access for courses beyond the end of the semester, or projects ending in less than one year.  A justification for the extension is required.  Staff will provide information in the change request if the request is denied.

Requesting changes to allocation attributes

Storage allocations include a 'Storage quota' attribute that PIs/managers can request an increase for.  We currently sell in 1TB increments so requests should be made in multiples of 1000GB.  Cloud compute allocations have an attribute of 'Core Usage (Hours)' which equates to cloud "credits."  We charge based on a subscription model (1 subscription = 8,760 CPU hours = running 1 CPU in the cloud for 1 year).  Requests for increases to cloud credits should be made in multiples of 8,760.

Due to the varied methods at UB for paying for services, we will contact you via email to discuss payment method and duration.

Please see these articles for more information about pricing:

Storage costs

Cloud costs 

Locked allocations

If an allocation is locked, you will not be able to request a date extension or attribute change on it.  Please contact ccr-help if you're unsure why your allocation is locked.

Allocation Change Status & Information

Once an allocation change request has been submitted, CCR staff will review it and either approve or deny the request.  Any denials will include a reason and can be viewed on the allocation detail page under the Notes column of the allocation change requests section:

Additional information can be found by clicking on the pencil icon under the Actions column of the allocation change requests section: 

A note about purchases

We are required to bill for storage in yearly increments.  Please do not provide an account number that is not valid for the entire length of the storage payment.

Purchasing services at UB is not automated in any way and due to the many different processes and accounts these purchases can be made with, it is often difficult for us to see payment progress.  There are times it takes months for your payment to be credited to CCR's account.  We appreciate your prompt cooperation in processing these payments.   If you provide timely responses for signatures and account info, we will not remove your access or delete your data.  However, if IDIs are not returned for processing or payments have not be put through by your department we may have no choice but to remove your group's access to the resource until payment is completed.