The access to CCR's systems is restricted to UB and Roswell Park Cancer Institute networks.  From off-campus UB and RPCI users should use their institution's VPN services.

UB users can find VPN information on UBIT's website

External collaborators and business customers that utilize the industry cluster partition will require a separate account for VPN access.  

Obtaining access to external VPN account:

Industry business customers will be provided with VPN access by CCR staff.  If you have not been, please CCR help.

Faculty sponsoring accounts for external collaborators must request an allocation for the "UB VPN" software resource in ColdFront.  Instructions for requesting allocations can be found here

You must keep this allocation renewed or the external users you're supporting will have their VPN access terminated.

Step 1 - Setting up the external VPN account:

VPN accounts are provided by UBIT.  CCR Users will be provided with credentials for a VPN account from CCR staff.  However, the external users will be required to setup two factor authentication using either the Duo Mobile app, a hardware token, or other options provided by UBIT.  

Go here for Two Step Enrollment

NOTE:  For authentication here you need to enter the prefix 'itorg\' to the username provided to you by CCR.  For example, if CCR told you your VPN username is uccr.smith then enter this username to authenticate for the setup of Duo:  itorg\uccr.smith

These are the steps for enrolling a CCR provided VPN account:

You can select any of these options for which device you will use for your two-step verification.  For simplicity, our instructions will step you through choosing the mobile phone option, as this is what most UB and CCR users choose.  Please ensure you have the Duo Mobile app installed on your smart phone before continuing.  If you choose another option, please refer to UBIT's documentation for further assistance.

Enter your cell phone number next:

Verify your cell phone using the 'call me' or 'text me' option:

Enter the code you receive either by call or text:

NOTE: even if you change this option during setup, VPN connections with ALWAYS ask you which method you want, every time you connect to the VPN.

Click the "Continue to Login" button and your enrollment will be complete!

NOTE:  This is separate from your CCR account that also requires two factor authentication and you may choose to use Duo for that as well.  All documentation and support for this service is provided by UBIT.  However, CCR staff will try to assist with any questions you may have after reviewing their documentation:  Duo (two step verification)

Step 2 - Getting the VPN client:

External collaborators and industry customers will need to download and install the UB VPN software, Cisco AnyConnect.  The link to download the software will be provided by CCR staff.

Instructions for installing and troubleshooting the software are provided by UBIT

NOTE: You can NOT download the software from UBIT.  You must receive it from CCR.

Step 3- Connecting to the VPN 

Once installed, launch the software and select "CCR" from the "Group" drop down list.  When prompted, enter the credentials provided by CCR staff (username will be in the form of uccr.yourCCRusername)

When prompted, enter "1" to send a push notification to Duo.

Touch the "Allow" button in Duo and then you'll be connected to the UB VPN.

You should now be able to access CCR's clusters, portals, and other services.