User home directories:

CCR provides each cluster user with a home directory (/user/username) and a 10GB quota.  The data contained in the home directory is owned by the user and access to these files is under the control of the user only.

Shared project directories and global scratch group directories:

These directories are accessible on all CCR servers by only your group.  Anyone in the group by default has access to all the files in these shared group directories, unless explicitly changed by the file owner.  Please be aware that any data in the group's project or global scratch directories is ultimately owned by the group's principal investigator (PI) or faculty group lead, regardless of the unix ownership permissions set on the file or directory.  

We strongly encourage PIs to ask their group members to store files in these shared spaces so when they leave the university, the PI still has access to the data generated while working with the group.  We can not provide the PI with access to a home directory of a user in their group without the user's express consent.

CCR policy regarding account and data retention

CCR backup policy

See these links for additional information from the University at Buffalo:

Protecting intellectual property

UBIT account policy

UBIT Computer and Network Use policy

Roswell Park Project Directories

RPCCC project space (/projects/rpci) is managed by RPCCC IT staff, please contact them for information on internal allocations/quotas and other policies related to data retention and data ownership.