NOTE: You must be on the UB or Roswell Park networks to connect to CCR servers.  If you are off-campus, please use the UB VPN to connect


OnDemand portal:

CCR OnDemand is an easy to use web-based portal that provides users access to CCR's HPC resources without the need to install additional client software or web-plugins.  Users can transfer files, access a shell environment on the cluster front-end login server, launch interactive, and remote visualization sessions, and monitor jobs.  

Access to most CCR servers is only available through SSH.  Command line terminal access is provided via the SSH protocol, while command line file transfer is available with sftp (Secure File Transfer Protocol) and scp (Secure Copy).  The ssh, scp and sftp client software should be available on all Linux distributions as part of the operating system installation.  There are additional software products available that provide secure drag and drop interfaces for file transfer such as FileZilla.

Users must use SSH keys to connect to CCR servers using SSH/SFTP/SCP.  Please follow these instructions to upload your SSH key to the CCR identity management portal before attempting to connect to CCR's servers.  

Instructions for generating and using password-less SSH keys for Linux 


Connection information


hostname: (academic and faculty cluster front end login nodes)

 NOTE: this will log you into one of a pool of nodes:,



UB username





Command line SSH connection:


Using the terminal program on your computer, simply type the following to connect to a CCR server:

ssh -i yourKeyName YourUBusername@<hostname>

If running a SSH key agent that stores your private key(s):

ssh -A YourUBusername@<hostname>

For example, if your UB username is janedoe, to connect to the academic cluster (vortex), type the following:

ssh -i yourKeyName

If using SSH keys:

ssh -A



Displaying Graphics:


X11 forwarding is no longer permitted on CCR's login nodes.


For the easiest way to display graphics, we recommend you use the CCR OnDemand portal

More details about the OnDemand portal can be found in this article

Options for File Transfer

Command line file transfer
(NOTE: you may need to specify your username if it is different on your machine than your CCR username. See above)

This command is run from your machine.  Don't connect to the CCR servers first.  Make sure to specify your SSH key - this is not displayed in the screenshot.


scp -i yourKeyName /path/to/filename

sftp -i yourKeyName

    put filename (Use to upload a file.)

    get file (Use to download a file.)

Drag and drop file transfer software products

Use FileZilla on most Linux distributions.  

- Be sure to specify port 22 when setting up your connection

- Be sure to select/specify your private SSH key when setting up your connection


For users with a large amount of data to transfer:  

CCR also offers "Globus"- a software through which you can transfer your large data very fast and in a very secure way. To learn how to get started with Globus, please view the following articles:

Connecting to CCR endpoint and browsing files

Creating a share and sharing it with users

Setting up a personal endpoint on a desktop and transferring files

Sharing data through Globus with a non-UB user