• UB faculty can request a new group account by submitting a ticket to CCR help.  You will be contacted when the initial account is setup and you'll be required to provide information about your research at that time.  Please list your full name, UB email address, and departmental affiliation.  This is for UB faculty only!  Students, staff, and external collaborators must get the support of a UB faculty member to receive access to CCR!
  • Current faculty users: If you are a faculty member who already has a CCR account, please login to the subscription management portal, Coldfront, to add or modify accounts for your staff and students.  Instructions can be found here 
  • UB students must be working for a UB faculty member that will sponsor them for a CCR account or be taking a class that requires use of the CCR resources.  If the UB faculty member already has a CCR account, he/she should utilize the subscription management portal, Coldfront, and add you to their project or a specific subscription. Instructions can be found here If you are taking a course that requires the use of CCR your instructor will request an account on your behalf.
  • Non-UB Researchers: You must be affiliated with a current UB faculty or staff member or receive special permission from the CCR Director in order to receive a CCR account. Please contact CCR Help and include your contact information, a description of your research, the name of the UB faculty member sponsoring you, and the reason(s) why you require access to CCR resources. Access is granted on a case-by-case basis.

Accounts are created one day per week on Thursdays.  You will receive an email when your account is ready.  The link contained in the email to activate your account is only valid for 24 hours.  If you can't activate your account before the link expires, please submit a help ticket.

NOTE: During the start of the semester, accounts are created more frequently and on an as needed basis as quickly as we can.